Hi & Welcome !

The story of your most beautiful day in image, is my mission. A wedding day is full of incredible plays between beauty & emotions. Like little sparks of magic in fragments of time happens all along. 

The joyful togetherness with a group of people & the art in the details of your very special day, deserve to be imprinted, just as fun interactions are fun so worthy to never be forgotten !

It is a bit like a game, the anticipation to be there, the right place, at the right time.  

A beam of light, someone with an emotional tear to later be in joy and cheers. 

Through momentum and elements that have to align I feel like a hunter for the beauty of today.

To be that “ moment catcher “ is exhilarating to me. 

Most artful of it all, comes with time. The more time passes, the more value an image has.   The power is, that long after this special date, the reportage will bring you right back to smile, just like you will do during your most beautiful day.



Artistically Documented