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Couple Sessions

After an emotion-filled all you may want to do is to enjoy the party with your family and friends.  That can sometimes make it tempting to skip the co[...]


A bride to be, - a woman in all her splendour, radiating beauty and joy, having fun with her girlfriends and family, makes for an excellent sub[...]

Wedding Reportages

A wedding is a celebration of that special love between two people.  Marriage is an institution invented by society, but, so awesome, that it is bless[...]

Save the Date

Save The Date photos, are made for your invitation cards, websites, or emails that get sent out for the big day.  It can give your guests a sneak peak[...]

The Party

..."My favourite moments of the wedding are yet to come.  After having greeted the newly weds,  guests discover the beautiful venue and I begin to  ph[...]